Industrial holds Shiner but can't take the win

By Michael Brooks

Sports Writer

  Shiner came to Vanderbilt on Friday night as the number four ranked team in 2A-D1 but thanks to a stout Cobra defense, the Comanches barely escaped with a 14-0 victory.

  The Cobras defense shut down Shiner all night allowing the Comanche offense to score only one touchdown off of them.

  Industrial got the ball to open the game but a fumble on the second play was recovered by Shiner and returned 47 yards for the first touchdown of the game. 

  Shiner got their only offensive touchdown of the game halfway through the second quarter.

  With just over two minutes before halftime, Shiner punted and Cobra Derrick Cann returned the punt 49 yards to give the Cobras the ball at the Comanche 40 yard line. The Cobras were able to drive the ball in spurts throughout the game but this drive ended with a missed 36 yard field goal attempt as time expired. 

 It was a defensive second half and neither team was able to find the end zone. Shiner walked away with a 14-0 victory.

The Cobra defense allowed only seven first downs for the entire game.


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