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Industrial Cobras Score Again

By Annie Simnacher and Kassidy Biggs

Cobras pulled out a 36-5 win against the Skidmore-Tynan Bobcats last Friday night on the Bobcats turf. 

    The coin toss was in favor of the Cobras and they chose to start the game off exercising their defence.

    An out of bounds ball by Dylan Turner results in first down for the Bobcats.

The following Bobcats drive ended in an interception by senior Joey Adams. Afterward Derrick Cann picked up 5 ½ yards and completed a pass on the 21 yard line. This gave Cobra Blayne Moreland the opportunity to pick up six more yards prompting their third down at the 15 yard line.

Moreland ran the ball up the middle, but was stopped by a Bobcat. On the following play, Cann got the ball to the three yard line, which made it easy for Moreland to run in and score the first touchdown of the night for the Cobras. The two point conversion by Karston Wimberly was complete making the score 8-0.

“We started off really hot, we executed well in the first quarter, our offensive line did a good job but we are still growing together as a team,” Head Coach Kensey Allen said.



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