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Indians Fall in Fourth

By Gaby Alvarez, Contributing Writer     The Ganado Indians hosted the Tidehaven Tigers on Friday night in Ganado. The Indians fell short of a victory  with an ending score of 28-21. However, the Indians defended their home territory proudly.     

“The sky is the limit with this group,” Ganado head coach Brent Bennett said.     

The Indians started the game with the ball. After some push back from the Tigers, the Indians scored their first touchdown as quarterback Kyle Bures-Guerrero ran the ball into the end zone.     The Indians played  good defense, which caused the Tigers to turnover the ball. The first quarter ended with the Indians holding a 7-0 lead.     

The Indians and Tigers pushed back against each other for the first half of the second quarter. The Tigers eventually scored which left the game tied at 7.     

Ganado then took over at the Tigers 30-yard line with a first down. The Tiger defense held the Indians back as they tried to maneuver towards their end zone. The Tigers got the ball back and scored their second touchdown of the game with 1:37 minutes left in the second quarter.     

The Indians retrieved the ball and moved it to the Tigers 35 yard line. A penalty caused the Tigers to lose 15 yards, placing the Indians at the 50-yard line. Bures-Guerrero then completed a pass to Riley Hurt resulting in a first down for the Indians. Unfortunately for Ganado, time ran out on them, and the Tigers went in with a 14-7  halftime lead.     

The Tigers started off with the ball at the beginning of the second half. Noah Thedford sacked the Tigers quarterback as they try for the end zone. The Tigers came up short and decided to punt, which was blocked by the Indians. Thedford recovered the loose ball in the end zone which tied the score at 14.     

However, the Indians comeback was short lived as the Tigers scored another touchdown with one minute left in the third quarter. The Tigers missed the extra point, and the third quarter ended with Tidehaven leading 20-14.     

Both teams struggle to move the ball beginning the fourth quarter. The Indians came together and caught up to the Tigers as Fabian Almeda recovered a fumble on their own 30-yard line. Bures-Guerrero completed a pass to Thedford which placed the Indians at their own 1-yard line. Guerrero drove the ball into the end zone for an Indian touchdown.     

The extra point gave the Indians a 21-20 lead with just under four minutes left in the last quarter.     

The two teams ceased to rest as the Tiger offense pushed against the Indian defense. The Tigers ended up breaking loose  from Indian grip and scored another touchdown with 1:22 left in the game. Although the Indians did not stop pushing until the end, the Tigers took the victory home with an ending score of 28-21.     

“They roll up their sleeves and go to work every day, so as long as we keep that attitude going forward we’re going to be good,” Bennett said.     

The Indians (0-2) will host Hallettsville (1-1) on Friday.

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