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Ganado Starts Season Wanting More

By Gabriella Alvarez and Alexis Mojica

The Ganado Indians started their 2017 football season off on Shorthorn territory in Schulenburg this past Friday night. Although the Indians took a loss, they put up a good fight throughout the game.

The Indians struggled to hold off Shorthorn offense during the first half but held strong in the second half.

The Ganado Indians started the game off with sophomore Fernando Rubio kicking off to the Schulenburg Shorthorns, but the Shorthorns’ drive came to an end with a decided punt to the 20-yard line.

As the Ganado Indians offense took over the ball, they attempted to make a first down but are struck down by the Shorthorns. The Indians attempt a punt, but had a failed toss positioning the Shorthorns at the 35-yard line. Schulenburg makes their first touchdown of the night in the first quarter. 

The Indians took over the ball. They made three attempts for a first down, but were not successful. The Indians returned the ball to the Shorthorns at the 40-yard line, and then they made a drive advancing to the 25-yard line, which led to another touchdown for Schulenburg. The first quarter ended with a 14-0 lead by Schulenburg.

The second quarter contains multiple punts by both teams. Indian Angel Rubio makes an outstanding tackle to stop the Shorthorn offense from advancing toward a touchdown early in the quarter. However, it wasn’t enough to hold the Shorthorns off from making their third touchdown later in the quarter. 



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