Cobras season ends with loss to Palacios

By Annie Simnacher and Kassidy Biggs

“We’ve been snake bit tonight,” Trainer Doc Paul Williams said. 

The Industrial Cobras ended their season with a loss against the Palacios Sharks. Their season consisted of three wins and six losses. 

The Sharks won the coin toss and started the game off with a punt to Kieandre Kelly who returned the ball to the 30 yard line. The Sharks then intercepted a pass meant for Collin Long.

The Cobras defense pushed the Sharks back and the ball eventually went over to the Cobras on downs. 

Two flags thrown on the Cobras and a loss of two yards by Derrick Cann left the Cobras no choice but to punt the ball. 

“The game could've gone much better, my team didn’t play as a team and it showed,” Derrick Cann said. “Our mentality wasn't to win and you could see it. All respect to Palacios as their team’s mentality was to win, and that why they did.” 

A 35 yard pass by the Sharks resulted in a first down and then the Sharks scampered into the end zone for the first touchdown of the night. No extra points, leaving the score 6-0 with 6:11 left for the first quarter. 

The kickoff return was brought to the 45 yard line, and Karston Wimberly was on the keeper for two yards. Blayne Moreland then picked up five yards but a false started pushed the Cobras back the five yards they’d gained. Another carry was executed by Moreland, but not enough yards to get a first down, and the ball was turned over to the Sharks. 

Shortly after the Sharks got their first down and two flags were thrown, the Palacios coach called a timeout with 28 seconds left in the first quarter. This resulted in a punt to the four yard line, leaving Wimberly to pick up five yards and Cann 22 yards, ending the first quarter. 


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