Cobras grab last second win over Shiner

By Katie Shook
Contributing Writer


     The Industrial Cobras won big against the Shiner Comanches at home Friday night with a score of 41-34. It was a tough battle between both teams until the final seconds of the game. 

     The night kicked off with the Comanches’ offense taking the field first, but it did not take long for the Cobras’ offense to take over control of the ball. Following a handoff from Ashton Garza, Cooper Martin was able to get the ball down to the Comanches’ three yard line for a Cobra first down. Unfortunately for the Cobras, the Comanches’ defense put up a good fight and kept the Cobras from scoring. After taking the field once more, Shiner’s offense was unable to get by Industrial’s defense as the first quarter came to an end.

     With the ball still in their possession, the Shiner offense opened up the second quarter with a touchdown and a successful extra point attempt to take a 7-0 lead. Following an unsuccessful offensive drive from the Cobras, the Comanches once again had control of the ball. After multiple drives down the field, the Comanches once again found themselves in scoring position late in the first half. 

     With just under four minutes left in the second quarter, Shiner chalked themselves another touchdown followed by a successful field goal to extend their lead to 14-0. The Cobras offense took the field once more before both teams headed in for halftime. With the ball on their own 35, Garza was able to put the Cobras on the board with a 65-yard touchdown of his own. After a successful field goal, the Cobras were down by seven as the clock ran out for halftime. 

     Upon receiving kickoff to start the second half, Industrials offense worked hard to move the ball down the field deep into Shiner’s territory. From Shiner’s nine yard line, Garza once again squeezed through the Comanches’ defense to find himself in the end zone for another Cobra touchdown. Along with the successful field goal attempt, the score was now tied at 14. But the Comanches responded with a touchdown of their own shortly after to take the lead once more. With a blocked field goal attempt by Cobra defense, the score was now 20-14 with the Comanches leading. But they did not maintain the lead for long. 

     After gaining a couple of first downs with his offense, Garza was able to get by Shiner’s defense once more to score another touchdown. The Cobras took the lead for the first time of the night following a successful field goal attempt with a 21-20 score halfway through the third quarter. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before Shiner’s offense regained the lead. After their extra point attempt was no good, the Comanches took a 26-21 lead with just under four minutes left in the third.

    Following a pass interception by Shiner, the Cobras defense was able to hold the Comanches’ offense from scoring. With the ball turned over to Industrial with just a minute and one second left on the clock, Garza was able to break through multiple Comanches and put the ball in Shiner’s end zone just as the clock hit zero. While the extra point was no good, the third quarter ended with the Cobras’ taking a 27-26 lead. 

     Starting the final quarter with the ball, Shiner was able to score a touchdown of their own and also complete a two point conversion to make it a 34-27 score with under 5 minutes left in the game. With the ball on their own 31, Garza handed the ball off to Martin, who was able to get by multiple Comanches and make it down to Shiner’s 10 yard line before a Comanche forced a fumble and recovered it to give Shiner control of the ball. From their own eight yard line, the Comanches were able to get the ball to their own 40 before being stopped by Cobra defense and being forced to turn the ball over to the Cobras offense. With 1:17 left on the clock, Industrial chalked themselves another touchdown and successful field goal to even the score at 34-34. 

     With :52 left on the clock, Dylan Rerich made a game changing play by squeezing through the Comanches’ offense line and intercepting the Shiner’s pass attempt to give the Cobras the ball once more in Shiner territory. From the Comanches’ 23 yard line and eight seconds left on the clock, the Cobras were able to get a first and goal before Garza ran the ball in for the final touchdown of the night. After a completed field goal, the clock hit zero and the game ended with a 41-34 win for the Cobras. 

     Industrial Head Coach Craig Nairn said “while it was a ‘game of chaos’, we found a way to win, and that’s the most important part.”

     Rerich said “the win really took everyone’s efforts. We played great defense, great on offense and that’s how we ended up winning in the end.”

     Garza added “it was a spectacular team win. We just have to keep winning these pre-season games, home and away, and keep rolling into district.” 

     The Cobras will travel to Boling to take on the Bulldogs on Friday, September 8, at 7:30. 

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