Price stepping down from city council after 24 years

By Michael Brooks

Staff Writer

After 24 years of serving on the Edna City Council, Maxine Price has decided to step down.

“I’ve been on the city council for 24 years and it feels like it is time for someone else to step in,” Maxine Price said. “That is a long time. I want someone else to step up and experience that. It is a pretty thankless job, but it has been an honor to do it for the people I serve.”

Serving on the city council offers many challenges, and Price said she has seen many during her years served.

“There are always things that pop up. It never ends,” Price said. “The biggest challenges we are always faced with is keeping the cost to the citizens as low as possible while continuing to provide them the services they need. As a council we put a lot of effort into considering the services they need or want. We have to pass along the prices of the persons we are hiring. That is probably the biggest challenges, because it is ongoing, it never stops.”

Price has also done a number of important things during her tenure on the council.


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