Billings throws first pitch

By Michael Brooks

Staff Writers 

When Bryan Billings threw out the first pitch to Josh Yaws before the Cowboy home game against Cuero on Feb. 27, it completed a reunion that happened purely by chance.

Billings was one of the first people on the scene when brothers Josh and Dylan Yaws had a major automobile accident in January. Dylan walked away with minor injuries, but Josh was more severely injured. The ball game was the first time that Josh had seen Billings since the night of the accident.

“Mr. Billings was checking  with me and making sure  that I’d still be able to play baseball in college,” Josh said. “When I saw him my thoughts went back to him laying beside me and praying with me.”

“The accident happened right by my house, near the bridge on 822. The dust was still flying, but it had already happened when we pulled up,” Billings said. “There were a few people stopping when we pulled up. Sometimes there are too many people at accidents but I could tell it was pretty bad and I’m a trained medic, offshore for years, so I ran on out there and the car was  horrible. No floor underneath where Josh was.


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