Another Phone Scam Warning

We received this notification from the Jackson County Sheriffs Department. Make sure that everyone is aware.


  On Monday, at approximately 3:30 p.m., a Jackson County resident received a telephone call on her home (landline) telephone. She is a lifelong resident of Jackson County and is a senior citizen. The name/number reflected on her caller ID showed the number to be the Jackson County Hospital. The caller congratulated the resident on being selected by the hospital as a prize winner of a vacation cruise for her and her family. The caller advised that the cruise was a reward for the resident being a patient at the Jackson County Hospital. The call was terminated when the caller began asking for personal financial information, i.e. annual income and credit card information.

  The caller was described as being female, young, well spoken, and not of foreign origin.

  Afterwards the resident called the number which had been displayed on her caller ID and it was answered by the hospital’s Insurance Coordinator. The resident hung up and did not leave a message.


  It was later learned that this number is a direct line to the hospital and is not published for general access by the public.

  Follow-up calls to the hospital revealed that the hospital had no knowledge of this vacation promotion scam, and apparently the hospital phone number was cloned .

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