Cobra senior grows claws and signs with Temple

By Millie Diaz

Managing Editor

To transfer into a new school is challenging at any age, and to do it as a senior is daunting. The spotlight was on Chloe Darilek when she entered Industrial six months ago, and being the superintendent’s daughter only widened the light, but Darilek did it in style.

The MVP All-State player as a junior from Stockdale allowed her to settle into the team quickly, and she galvanized Cobra volleyball in a way that earned the respect of all her fellow athletes in both genders.

On Jan. 12 Darilek signed with Temple Junior College to play Leopard volleyball for the 2018-19 season. In a speech to her teammates and classmates, Darilek said something that brought tears to the varsity volleyball members.

“You all made me feel like I was a puzzle piece that fit,” she said.


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