Crisis puts things into perspective

By Millie Diaz staff writer

I’m sure most everyone has been saying the following phrase in some form or another: God is reminding us, “Look, I can take all this away from you in a second.”

    Suddenly, poof! We’re all living life a bit more primitive.

    For some optimists, we put on a big smile and say hello to others, ask them how their family and friends are holding up, and ask what we can do to help.

    For some pessimists, every little thing is bothersome to the point of irritation.

    Even though my family and I have been without power for days now, we’ve learned – like everyone has, I suspect – to make the best of it.

    We don’t have electricity? Be joyous, for we still have water. We don’t have light? Be joyous, for we still have candles. We don’t have technology? Be joyous, for we still have books, and good old conversation. And playing cards. And dominoes.

    There are people in our town, and nearby towns much worse off than we, because their roof was blown off or their house flooded. God bless you all and may He keep you and yours in His hand.

    I’ve seen Jackson County come together in a way that has made me, well, glad.

    My nephew showed me a video in Victoria he took of people arguing while waiting in line for gas 50 cars deep.

    Here, I’ve seen people make friends while waiting in line at the grocery store, or getting their phone charged at Walmart’s community charging spot.

    You do whatcha gotta do, and do it with the best disposition you can.     I see it like this: we all each have a metaphorical garden, and the roots of each plant and vegetable in everyone’s garden is interconnected. We all need water to sustain ourselves and grow. If a weed shows up in your garden, yank it out, or it will grow like a cancer and find its path into a neighboring garden.

    If you find yourself getting grumpy or frustrated, yank that weed out, and look around. Be grateful for what you have, and you might see somebody with a smile.

    Joy breeds happiness; contempt breeds hostility.

    Use this crisis as an opportunity to look at the world, your fellow man, and material things a little differently. Use this crisis as a reason to change.

    Who knows when this will happen again?

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