Testimony continues in Sorensen trial

Testimony continued today in the Amber Sorensen trial. 
Detective Kent Bubela took the stand again after taking it at the end of the day yesterday. Bubela went over text messages that were sent the morning of the shooting. The text included arguments between Sorensen and Jarrett Parker, the shooting victim. 
Bubela also went over pics that he took of Sorensen that showed paint, or a paint-like substance, in her hair.
On cross examination, Bubela said the paint in her hair was tested against an open paint can found at the scene, but the paint in her hair did not match the paint in the open can at the scene. The sponge that was also located at the scene was covered in paint as well, and the paint on it also did not match the paint can at the scene.
Sorensen's Grand Jury statement was also played. 
Near the end of the day, a Texas DPS crime lab worker from the toxicology section in Austin said that Sorensen's blood was tested for legal and illegal drugs, but none were found in her system. 
The trial will continue tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. where Detective Bubela will continue answering questions from the defense.

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