No change in Wells Fargo bank’s status

By Michael Brooks

Staff Writer

The status of the Wells Fargo Edna branch is still uncertain, however they have provided a bit more information. 

“Wells Fargo’s Edna branch re-opened for customers who wanted to gain access to their safe-deposit boxes – no normal banking services are currently being performed from the branch,”  said Michael King, vice president of corporate communications for the Southwest Region. “We will again have team members on site at the Edna Branch this week from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. to allow customers to access their safe deposit boxes only. I will provide another update once I have confirmation on any hours the branch will be open past this Friday [Sept. 22].”

The Herald-Tribune has gotten no response to inquires of if, or when, the Edna location will reopen and return to normal banking procedures.

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