Malek to sing national anthem at Astros game

By Millie Diaz Managing Editor     

On July 8, find the Houston Astros game on television and you will see a young Adysen Malek singing the national anthem at Minute Maid Park for Youth Day. A sixth grader at Industrial Junior High, Adysen has been performing the anthem at any function she can and gaining confidence with every note.     

“I sang at the elementary track meet around this time last year,” she said. “And a man with connections to the Astros saw me sing.”     

MeLynn, Adysen’s mother, continued the story. “Bowen (Adysen’s father) has coffee with him regularly and he told us ‘you should call this number and see if she can audition.”     

“I auditioned by sending a video, they liked it, they told me to fix some things, I did, and I got in,” Adysen said with a big smile.     

She was asked to shorten the time it took for her to sing the anthem, and they requested Adysen sing the song as traditionally as possible, without grace notes or extra flair.     

“It usually takes me about a minute and 40 to 45 seconds, but they asked me to do it in a minute and a half or less,” she said. “So I’m still practicing.”     

MeLynn said they turned in a video of Adysen last year, but the Astros were already going to the playoffs at the time and they were using professionals. When this year came around, they asked to see a newer video of Adysen to see how she’s changed, and then they wanted another video with her singing the anthem within the time frame.


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