Longtime Edna mayor won’t seek another term

By Chris Lundstrom


    After nearly 40 years of serving the city of Edna, Mayor Joe Hermes has decided to not seek another term. His term ends after the May 4 general election.

    Hermes began his service to the city when he was elected to the council in 1979. Since then he has diligently worked to serve the city he loves so much.

    “I never dreamed I would be the mayor,” he said. “I have spent over half of my life in city office. I never expected to stay here for 40 years. Over the years I’ve always tried to do what was best for the city as a whole. Sometimes it made people mad, but that wasn’t my intention. It was always to do what I thought was best for the city.”

    In Edna, even though the mayor and council members positions are elected, there is minimal financial compensation for serving. Most times those who are elected to those positions do so because they care about the community and want to see it grow.

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