Illegals run from DPS, law enforcement searches most of the night

    A search for around 20 illegals started around 9 on Sunday night and went on until 4 a.m. on Monday.

    “A DPS officer initiated a traffic stop, on 59 North, just South of Edna,” Jackson County Chief Deputy Rick Boone said. “Trooper Alexander turned on his lights, but the vehicle didn’t stop. The vehicle exited 59 and went into Edna when they turned at James Hunt Gravel Yard. The vehicle continued through the front fence, through the back fence, and came to a rest near the railroad tracks.”

    When the vehicle finally came to a stop, the real pursuit began.

     “Trooper Alexander said around 20 people fled the vehicle and ran into the woods/cornfields that are behind Edna Elementary,” Boone continued. “We were able to form a perimeter on Country Club Road, on 59, and on the Kelvin Morton side.

    “The fire department came out and helped with their ladder truck, and we were using thermal, but it is very hard to do a search in seven foot tall cornstalks.”

    Once the dogs arrived, the search started getting results.

    “The dogs and horses from Cuero came in,” Boone continued. “Using the dogs, we caught four of them.”

    Boone said they pulled the plug on the search at 4 a.m.

Jackson County Herald Tribune

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