IHS Student Brought dismantled gun to school

   A dismantled "unfireable" gun was brought onto the Industrial High school campus this morning.

   Industial Superintendent Paul Darilek released this statement "The IHS administration was informed this morning at approximately 10:30 of the possibility of a gun being on campus. Jackson County Sheriff’s Department was utilized and a weapon was found, confiscated, and turned over to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department. At no time were the students, faculty, staff, or any individual of IISD in any danger. Industrial ISD takes these situations very seriously and will adhere to proper policy in this matter."
   "It was a 15 year old who made a poor choice," Sheriff Andy "A.J." Louderback said. "There was no malice whatsoever involved. The student brought the gun inside the school to trade for an electronic cigarette with another student. There was no fear or indication that anything bad was going on between the two juveniles. The gun was dismantled and in pieces and in a position where it was non-firing."

Jackson County Herald Tribune

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