FEMA closes Edna recovery center

The FEMA Disaster Recovery Center in Edna closed permanently on Friday after helping a large number of Jackson County residents.

As of September 27, there were 2,240 Jackson County residents that had registered and FEMA has distributed $546,414 in Individual and Household Assistance Relief in Jackson County. Of the 2,240 registrations received, 1,540 were considered eligible registrations.

“There were various reasons why some of the registrations weren’t eligible,” said Shirley Jann Tracey, FEMA external affairs media relations specialist. “Some of the forms were not filled out completely. There are also steps that someone has to go through before they can be considered eligible, and some people didn’t do that.”

 Of the 1,540 eligible registrations, 721 had been approved.

“That doesn’t mean there won’t be more,” Tracey said.




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