Feeling like ‘hero for a day’

By Millie Diaz

Managing Editor    

When students discover a new side to themselves, it can be priceless –for themselves and others. Ben Ramsey figured that out while completing his Eagle Scout project: his heart stretched farther than he thought it could go.    

Ramsey was one of five Ganado Boy Scouts who earned the Eagle Scout honor last year under the leadership of Donnie Tegeler. On Feb. 24, the district –which reaches from south Texas all the way up to Laredo– celebrated the Eagle Scouts from the previous year at a banquet. It was optional to attend, but Ramsey and his parents, Patti and Bruce, had received a letter stating their son’s project was going to be honored that night.   

 “We thought all the Eagle Scouts had received the letter about their project for posterity,” Patti said. “We didn’t think the letter was a big deal.”    

But once the trio of Ramseys sat at their table, they learned the magnitude of the letter was much bigger than they’d thought.

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