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Emu shakes up Lolita

     The Lolita community came together to assist in the search for Shake, a one and a half-year-old emu that made a daring escape from its home. Shake, along with his partner Bake, are beloved residents of Samantha Player’s “funny farm,” which boasts an array of unique animals, from mini Herefords to peacocks.

     The unexpected escape occurred when Shake’s partner became aggressive, chasing him out of their pen. As Player explained, “They should be getting close to mating age, and if the male doesn’t do the mating dance well, the female can become agitated and be aggressive.”

     This unusual escape was quite a shock to the Players, as their mini Hereford bull Rico was usually the farm’s only escape artist.

     The adventurous emu was last seen in the vicinity of county roads 616, 1593, 3131, and 426, leading to numerous sightings in the area. The Lolita community rallied behind the Players, with many residents keeping an eye out for Shake and providing updates whenever they spotted him.

     Player expressed her gratitude, saying, “A lot of people helped with keeping an eye out for him and keeping us updated when they saw him.”

     Shake’s escape prompted fond memories of how he and his partner came to join the Player’s funny farm. “The reason why we have emus is that my husband and I always talked about how it would be so awesome to have an emu, and on my birthday in March 2021, he showed up with them as my surprise gift,” Player shared. Player described the emus as “extremely sweet birds” that they have raised since they were babies, making them incredibly docile. “They will rest their head on your shoulder and let you pet them,” she added.

     After a couple of days on the run, Shake was finally located approximately two miles from his home. The Lolita community’s support and the Player’s love for their emus played a crucial role in reuniting Shake with his family, proving the tight-knit bond shared by residents of this charming Texas county.

     As Shake returns to the embrace of his owners and fellow farm animals, the Lolita community can breathe a collective sigh of relief, knowing that their shared efforts made this happy ending possible.

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