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Detecting Jewels

     Gypsy Jewels, a born and raised Texan currently residing in East Texas, made her way to the Texana Museum for a special meet and greet event, accompanied by an exhilarating metal detecting hunt. To add to the significance of her visit, Gypsy generously donated the proceeds from the event to support the museum’s endeavors. 

     Gypsy embarked on her metal detecting journey over 25 years ago, driven by a deep fascination with unearthing the hidden treasures that lie beneath the earth’s surface. For her, it goes beyond the mere discovery of lost modern objects; it is a connection to our past and a glimpse into history itself. 

     Speaking about why she enjoys the hobby so much she said, “It’s become the thrill of the hunt for me over the years, and you just never know what you’re gonna find or discover.”

     However, life took an unexpected turn when Gypsy Jewels was diagnosed with cancer approximately six and a half years ago. The loss of her right kidney shook her world and forced her to reevaluate her priorities. In that moment, she realized that her happiness lay in pursuing her passions, with family at the forefront and metal detecting as a close second. Determined to share her experiences and inspire others, she started her own YouTube channel, documenting her metal detecting adventures. 

     Gypsy shared, “It’s kind of one of those things in life that rattles our world and changes the direction your life is going in. I just decided then and there what makes me happy. What things in life am I most passionate about, which of course is family first and then second for me was metal detecting.”

     After a few years, her talent and dedication caught the attention of Garrett Metal Detectors, who invited her to join their field team as a representative. Garrett Metal Detectors, headquartered in Garland, Texas, manufactures metal detectors that are renowned worldwide. They cater to both hobbyists and professionals, producing not only devices for treasure hunting but also security metal detectors used in prominent events like the Olympics and by organizations such as the Dallas Cowboys. As part of Garrett’s field team, Gypsy receives opportunities to travel to various locations for hunts and test new technology, providing valuable feedback to improve their products.

     One of Gypsy’s favorite aspects of being on the field team is the chance to visit places like Edna, where she organized a metal detecting hunt of her own. Enthusiastic first-timers and curious adults gathered for an unforgettable experience, with many discovering the joy of using a metal detector for the very first time. Gypsy took the time to assist beginners, igniting their passion for the hobby. The thrill of meeting new people and sharing her love for metal detecting and the possibilities it holds is a cherished aspect of her journey.

     Gypsy’s dedication and expertise in the field led her to be featured as a guest on prominent television shows such as Discovery Channel’s “Beyond Oak Island” and “Gold Rush: Freddie Dodges Mine Rescue.” These appearances have opened doors for her, and she is currently working on her first book, which aims to guide beginners in the metal detecting hobby. Her television exposure has also allowed her to connect with individuals who share her passion, leading to the fateful encounter with the Texana Museum.

     After attending one of Gypsy’s hunts, the museum’s representative reached out to her, expressing interest in her work and proposing a guest appearance. Eager to support local institutions, especially when her finds have historical significance to the area, Gypsy gladly accepted the invitation. 

     As she continues her remarkable journey, Gypsy is eagerly anticipating her upcoming metal detecting rally in the Netherlands, where she will have the opportunity to explore unfamiliar terrain and expand her horizons. Her YouTube channel, aptly named “Zero Discrimination,” carries a double meaning. 

     In the realm of metal detecting, zero discrimination refers to the practice of not excluding any metal signals, allowing for the detection of both valuable and ordinary items. However, it also reflects her belief in treating everyone with love and respect, advocating for inclusivity and acceptance in all aspects of life.

     She explained, “With zero discrimination, we’ve got to love everyone matter what and not discriminate.”

     Gypsy has shattered stereotypes in the metal detecting community, particularly in terms of gender representation. When she first began her journey, there were few women actively involved in the hobby, often participating alongside their spouses. However, through her YouTube channel and her affiliation with Garrett Metal Detectors, Gypsy has strived to encourage more women to embrace the hobby, demonstrating that it is an activity that knows no boundaries of gender, race, or sexual orientation. She firmly believes that as long as one can hold a metal detector, the joy of exploration and the thrill of the hunt are accessible to all, even those with disabilities.

     “Hopefully, I’ve helped with my YouTube channel and being a part of the Garrett team to promote more women in the hobby and show that we can do it just like the guys,” Gypsy said.

     With her sights set on even greater achievements, Gypsy Jewels aspires to have her own television show, where she can continue to inspire and educate viewers about the wonders of metal detecting. Her genuine passion, dedication, and inclusivity make her an extraordinary figure in the world of metal detecting. As she uncovers the past, she also shapes the future, leaving an indelible mark on both the hobby and the lives of those she encounters along the way.

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