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Congressmen weigh in on state of the border

A congressional delegation visited the RGV Sector, on a two-day tour last week. Congressmen from all over the U.S. including U.S. Representative of the 27th District, Michael Cloud, were given the opportunity to get a private look at operations.     The two-day trip began on May 30, and  included tours of  the new Border Patrol checkpoint station in Falfurrias, the National Border Patrol Council, and the Driscoll Unaccompanied Minor Facility and briefings at the Rio Grande Valley and Laredo Headquarters.

    “It’s astounding how our resources are overwhelmed by the cartel’s resources,” Representative Cloud said.  “I think at this point, everyone understands this is not a manufactured crisis. It’s a real crisis that has to be dealt with. We’re here to get more information to be able to make informed decisions that can lead to good policy changes.”  

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