Break in at KW's Dairy Mart

KW's Dairy Mart in Ganado was broken into by a thief who was apparently hungry but not interested in money.

"When we got here this morning the back door was wide open," KW's owner Kim Costella said. "Someone had used a mop to break the drive thru window but they also cut themself. There was blood all over the inside and outside. They made a mess everywhere."

"They ate the leftover cooked chicken strips that we usually feed to the cats, and they took some raw hush puppies. But they didn't touch the money. We have a donation jar sitting right on the counter. They didn't take that or any other money.

Costella said the thief left a half of a drink inside with a bloody hand print on it.

KW's is opening late due to cleaning up the mess but they plan on being opened at 11 a.m.

We will update if we get any more information.

Jackson County Herald Tribune

306 N. Wells
Edna, TX 77957