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Benefit meal to be held for Hahn

By Jessica Coleman

Contributing Writer

“Nana didn’t even acknowledge me,” Desirey Alfaro recalled her son Damien saying.

This behavior was completely out of character for Mary Hahn, a devoted mother, and grandmother. Alfaro remembers speaking to her mother on the phone, shortly before she stopped responding at all.

“She said ‘I’ve got to go. My head really really hurts. I’ve got to let you go,’” Alfaro recalled. Texts later went unanswered. Hahn had been seeing a doctor and looking up symptoms for days, trying to figure out why she felt so badly.

Later, Alfaro’s son Ayden was spending the night with Hahn and called, worried.

“Nana doesn’t look good,” he had said. “Something is really, really wrong.”

Unbeknownst to her family, Hahn had suffered
a brain aneurysm, two days before Christmas. She was taken by helicopter to Houston, where she has remained for nearly three months, and while she is making progress and healing, the timeline for coming home is uncertain.

Now, the family that Mary is so devoted to is asking for help so they can support her the way she has always supported them. They are holding a benefit meal on Saturday, March 11 to help cover expenses associated with Mary’s care, such as the family’s travel back and forth to Houston, and to help pay bills for Mary and her husband as she is unable to work.

The meal will consist of chicken, rice, beans, and all the trimmings at 109 Ed Linn St. in Edna. Tickets are $12 apiece and can be found at Edna Auto, Service 1st, or by calling Desirey at 361-308-0789 or her sister Heather at 361-649-2646.

Hahn is a mother of four and has 10 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. She is known in her community as a kind, compassionate woman with a sweet disposition. She has worked at Edna ISD for almost three decades and loves her work.

“She is very selfless, very sweet, caring,” said her daughter Heather Webel. “She’s just all around a good person, and it’s not just because we’re her daughters that we’re saying that. Everybody loves my mom that has met my mom.”

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