Bees buzz about spelling

By Millie Diaz

Managing Editor

Edna Junior High has a couple of county winners who’ve been going strong since they were in second and third grade. Kaydence Chiles, 13, daughter of Meghan and Russell Chiles, is an eighth grader whose been winning the Jackson County spelling bee since third grade. She was county runner-up in second grade to Chris Robinson, the seventh grade son of De’Andra Delgado, who has been Chiles’ county runner-up every year after he won the county spelling bee in second grade.

So basically, Chris wasn’t embarrassed to admit he’s excited to have a chance at winning the Jackson County spelling bee next year when Chiles enters high school.

“Me and Chris have always ended up battling it out,” Kaydence said. “For me, the German-based words are the hardest to spell.”

Chris shook his head. “Not me. It’s the Japanese words that are hard for me. The ‘y’s go before the ‘i’s, it’s weird.”


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