Back taxes continue to plague Carver owners

By Chris Lundstrom


The former G.W. Carver Elementary School property continues to be a tax burden for its owners. Bertha Brooks with the George Washington Carver Community Center of Jackson County appealed to the Edna City Council at the Sept. 21 council meeting for help with the past taxes.

In 2008 Edna ISD sold the property to the G.W. Carver Community Center after the new Edna Elementary School opened. The building, located on 12.95 acres at MLK Street in Edna, was sold to the organization for $100. 

In 2009 the taxes due on the property were $34,631. The new owners were unable to pay the taxes and contacted the taxing entities asking for the taxes to be removed. None of the entities were able to accommodate the request. 

When the G.W. Community Center members, including Bertha Brooks, Norma Renfro, and Rufus Diggs, purchased the property in 2008 it was assessed at $663.770.


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