Angelita Salinas convicted in "Tank" murder

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By Jessica Coleman

Contributing Writer 


Angelita Louisa Salinas has been sentenced to two concurrent 55-year sentences in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice for her role in the 2021 kidnapping and murder of Vanderbilt teen Benjamin "Tank" Loera. 

Salinas, who was was the fourth and final defendant convicted in the case, was a juvenile at the time of the crime but was tried as an adult.

In a plea agreement, Salinas pleaded guilty to Murder and Aggravated Kidnapping. 

In front of Judge Jack Marr, Salinas admitted to intentionally and knowingly abducting Loera, using threats of deadly force, as well as shooting him with a firearm. 

Three prior defendants, Casey Wayne Jenschke, Kyler Ray Rector, and Yolanda Rodriguez Salinas (who also uses the surname Simek), were convicted in February 1, and sentenced to life in prison for their roles in the killing. 

Loera's Mother, Jessica McKinney, was present in the courtroom and submitted a Victim's Impact Statement in writing

Check the March 13 issue of the Jackson County Herald-Tribune for more information on this conviction

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