Just one more

By Michael Brooks

Editor/General Manager 


    Just one more. It is a sentence that has haunted Texas Rangers fans since game six of the 2011 World Series.

     Neftali Feliz needed just one more strike to Lance Berkman in the 2011 World Series for the Rangers to win it all, until Berkman knocked in the tying run on the next pitch. Then in extra innings, Josh Hamilton hit a home run to put the Rangers ahead again, and again, the Rangers were one strike away until David %@*#ing Freese homered to win it for the Cardinals.

     Now, it is just one more win. 

     The great news? Texas has three chances to win just one game.

     The bad news? Texas has three chances to win just one game.

     I want to be optimistic. Realistically, this is the best situation Rangers fans could hope for. But I’ve also been a Rangers fan for over 40 years. All I’ve ever known from my team is disappointment. At both of those points in 2011, I thought “I’m finally going to see a World Series victory that I’ve been waiting on for 30 years.”

     This time, I refuse to think that. Until that 27th out is made, in the series clincher, I am still going to have doubts-I’ll still be scared.

     The Cubs, Red Sox, and White Sox broke their lengthy droughts over the past two decades. Cleveland Indians (sorry, Guardians. I’m never gonna remember that) fans, I feel your pain.

     Sure game four was a win. BUT Adolis Garcia isn’t coming back this year. Max Scherzer either. And Arizona didn’t walk away when they were down 10 runs. They made it interesting.

     There is always something that happens. Rangers fans have come to expect it.

     Hopefully 2011 was our Buckner World Series. Hopefully, we can finally finish the season with a win.

     But I’m keeping my gloom-and-doom outlook until 27 more Arizona Diamondbacks make outs.

     So, once again, it is just one more...

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