In honor of Brigid Vickers

Relay for Life

By Michael Brooks
Staff writer
    “I believed that no matter what, I was going to be healed. Either I was going to be healed and go to heaven and see my beautiful momma and my Creator, or I would be healed here on Earth. Obviously it was not my time”
    Brigid Vickers was diagnosed with breast cancer in August of 2016 and 374 days later she was cancer free. When she was diagnosed with cancer, Vickers knew what to expect because she had been there before.
    “I had to go through this with my mom as her caregiver,” Vickers said. “And now nine years later, my adult daughter had to go through it with me and it was difficult for her. In the beginning, it was scary for me too. Now I know what a person who has been diagnosed with cancer feels like. Once the doctor says I think it is, or it is, I can now I say I know how that person feels. It’s like you are there, but you’re not there. You can hear them talking but not hear them. Time just stands still.”
    Vickers lost her mother to breast cancer, but she has two family members still living with colon cancer.
    “People see it as a death sentence, but it is not,” Vickers continued. “My hair is growing back...I can’t complain.
    “The whole Relay For life is for awareness. This is my cause, and I feel like it will always be my cause because I had breast cancer. If I can help educate someone, or bring awareness to someone, I will. The RFL gets the focus off of me and people like me and helps get money for the cure.”


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