Softball Sotos soar

By Michael Brooks

Staff Writer     

The Coastal Bend Cougars advanced to the Regional Softball Tournament for the first time in school history. Edna graduates Kirstie and Ashley Soto are just finishing their freshman year at Coastal Bend and are have been contributing members of the softball team.     

“It is a super big thing here,” Kirstie said. “Not only are we the first women’s softball team to advance to the tournament, but we are also the first women’s team in ANY sport from Coastal Bend to advance to a Regional Tournament.”

The tournament began on Friday, May 4, and it has been a big event for the college.   

“It's pretty awesome knowing that we are the first ones to make it,” Ashley said. “ Plus it gives us a good goal for next year too. There are a lot of people rooting for us and we’ve gotten a lot of feedback saying we’re a good team this year.”     

“It makes me feel proud that we made it,” Kirstie said. “Because it means I succeeded at what I wanted to do. They paid for new shirts for us and got us meals. Tthe teachers have been congratulating us too.”


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