Going Full Force

By Millie Diaz

Managing Editor

From fall’s football to spring’s baseball, benchwarmers are in every sport, but Terese Tompkins said there is no bench in the world of all-star competitive cheerleading. Games in school sports range in time from an hour to four or five, but a team only gets two and a half minutes in her world.

Tompkins is a coach for Full Force and 2018 jumped off to a great start at the America’s Sweetheart Dallas Cowboy National Cheerleading Championship when two of her three competition teams earned a national title in their divisions.

Full Force is a massive group of girls who live in the Crossroads area and beyond. They perform in multiple competitions from November to April. Ultimately, teams are vying for a bid to compete at the Summit in Walt Disney World in Florida, the mountain peak of competitions. At any given national competition, a handful of teams out of 300 are invited to the Summit. Teams from Full Force made it to the Summit a couple of years back.

Full Force cheerleaders range in skill level and age, but are all coached by Tompkins.

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