Ganado Little League team reunites

By Michael Brooks

    “You have moments in your life you cherish and people you share them with, and this is one of those moments,” Roland Orsak said. “We built friendships and camaraderie and it is good to revisit that world.”

    A member of the 1977 Ganado Little League baseball team who made an appearance at the State Tournament, Orsak met up with his fellow players and coaches for a 40 year celebration on Aug. 5 at the Harry Hafernick Center.     “You share a summer like we had and you hear the guys sharing stories and rehashing the games but it’s more about just sharing a life experience about friends you grew up with.

    “We’re still 12 years old to these guys, we’re the kid who pitched or played centerfield. The score of the games doesn't matter, it’s the experience we shared in building a competitive team,” Orsak continued. “And we still take pride in some of the bigger teams we beat, like Victoria and Corpus. At the time, we were the smallest school ever to make the State Tournament. And we could PLAY.”

    Mick Schmitt, manager, said the team had good pitching and power for a young team. “I was 22 and "Rabbit” (coach Dennis Bures) was 20 or 21, and we were by far the youngest coaches at




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