Edna win keeps playoff hopes alive

By Michael Brooks

Sports Writer

    The first priority of any sports teams is getting in to the playoffs. In Texas high school sports, the top four teams in every district make the playoffs. The Edna Cowgirls and Rice Lady Raiders were tied for fifth place when they met on Friday. The winner would only be one game out of the playoffs with five games remaining, while the loser would fall to two games out and have a much more difficult time finding a route to getting into the playoffs because they would need to pass two teams to take a playoff spot.

    After losing the first two sets, the Cowgirls looked like they would be the team sitting on the verge of elimination but, hanging by a thread, they came back to win the final three sets to take the game, three sets to two.

    “After being down the first two sets, we realized if we wanted to win the game, we really had to push,” Cowgirl Raney Orsak said. “We all knew winning this game was very important for us to have a shot at the playoffs. I think we all understood it could make or break our chances (of making the playoffs) so that was what drove us to come back and win the final three sets.”

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