Edna vs Van Vleck

By Kealeigh Alex

The Edna Cowboys showed their guns when they played the Van Vleck Leopards last week beating them 48 - 21. 

After the game Athletic Director Jerry Long said, “This was a big game for us. It was a key game on the schedule because it gets us in the positive and rolling for the next few weeks, so it was big.”

The Cowboys came out unstoppable in the first quarter scoring two touchdowns, while Van Vleck was unable to put points on the board. Edna’s Kenny Haynes scored the first touchdown of the night with 6:55 left in the first quarter. Then the Cowboys capitalized on an interception at the 40 yard line and scored their second touchdown with 59 seconds left. The score at the end of the first quarter was Edna 14 and Van Vleck 0.

After the game offensive lineman Irvin Boston said, “I feel like we came out ready to play and wanted to beat them.”

The second quarter was fairly quiet with the Cowboys scoring one 13 yard rushing touchdown, while the Leopards were still unable to put points on the board. The score at half time was Edna 21 and Van Vleck 0. 



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