Edna finishes regular season against Hallettsville, looks toward playoffs

By Michael Brooks

Staff Writer

When the Edna Cowboys and Hallettsville Brahmas took the field at Cowboys Stadium on Friday night, both teams already knew they were headed to the playoffs. The only question remaining was which team would finish as district runner up, and which team would finish in third place.

Both teams started the game off on the wrong foot, as the Cowboys got an opening first down, but ended up having to punt four plays later. The Brahmas, handed the ball for the first time, promptly fumbled and the Cowboys recovered.

This time, the Cowboys offense made the Brahmas pay. After Thomas Long scrambled for a 16 yard gain on a broken play, Kenny Haynes broke free around the left side for a 14 yard touchdown run.

Hallettsville, refocused after the punt on their first drive, put together a 65 yard drive on their ensuing possession to tie the game at seven.



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