Cobras have goal line stand, defeat Cowboys, win district

  Down by six with a first and goal from the Cobra two yard line, the Edna Cowboys had four shots. A loss on first down moved the Cowboys to the five. Then they were hit with a 10 yard penalty. After picking up good yardage, the Cowboys found themselves facing a fourth from the three yard line.

  Finding no success in the middle as the Cobras clogged the lane the play went to the outside. The ball appeared to be right at the goal line again and for the second week in a row, the fate of the Cobras was in the hands of the referees.

  As the refs signaled for the Cobras to take possession at the one , the Cobras sideline and stands exploded with cheers. 

Industrial wrapped up their first district title in 10 years with the 20-14 victory.


*For the full article make sure to pick up a 11/13 Jackson County Herald Tribune newspaper

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