Cobras dominate Palacios

By Millie Diaz

Contributing Writer

    In 2017 Industrial lost to Palacios and sparked a parent movement at the IISD board meeting soon after looking for a bigger fury in the Cobra football fight.

    Fans got their wish granted Homecoming night as they cheered Industrial on to a 35-0 victory, despite the Sharks having a more uplifting season in 2018 so far than they’ve had in the previous three years.

    Palacios won only two games since 2015, but have won their first three games of this season…until they met with Jackson County teams. Entering the last pre-district game of the season against the Cobras last week, the Sharks came in at 3-1, and their first lost was to Ganado, by a score of 14-12. Then they met Industrial on Sept. 28 and were annihilated even worse with the 35-0 victory.

    “Change always sparks people, from the professional level all the way down, so we’ve been taking advantage of that,” Jamie Dixon, Cobra Athletic Director said. “These kids are playing well together as Industrial Cobras and it’s been good for us. The change is good.”

    Industrial won the coin toss and deferred to the second half and senior Derrick Cann kicked off the game. Personal fouls in the form of head butts and pulling at face masks were the Shark’s specialty in the first quarter, but it only appeared to fuel the Cobras more, especially when their lost yards were Industrial’s gains in a couple of first downs.

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