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‘Mo’ knows powerlifting

By Michael Brooks

Sports Writer

    Alexis Mojica left Ganado last year as a standout in any challenge she chose to attempt. “Mo” was a star athlete and graduated valedictorian. She is now keeping up the grades as a freshman powerlifter at UTSA.

    “I love college,” Mojica said. “It was a big transition but my professors are great. UTSA is big enough to be a university but small enough for you to be comfortable. I don’t have to worry about messing up or doing something wrong, because everyone knows everything. I am a business major so we normally stay in three buildings. It is kinda my little family, like my little Edna.

    “Academic-wise, I finished the first semester with a 4.0, so it was not too bad, yet. I had one really bad class that I had to study for every day. But I figured out if you go one on one with your professors they help you so much.”   

    Moving on to college provided a different challenge. Powerlifting could have been a routine, something Mo was used to, but it had its own changes from high school to college.

    “We practice every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday and then we have our own workouts,” Mojica said. “We have those practices. It was a big transition from high school to college. In high school my workouts were a lot shorter because I had other sports to go to, but in college our workouts are two or three hours at least.”

    A completely different lifting regime was something else she had to adjust to.

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