Schools, businesses, change schedules as roads set to freeze

With a high temperature of 35 degrees and freezing rain expected on Tuesday, Jackson County residents are urged to be extremely careful when traveling from overnight Monday until Thursday afternoon. 

Tuesday’s high temperature is expected to be reached around 6 a.m. with temperatures dropping as low as 24 early Wednesday morning. Although Wednesday highs should crawl into the low 40s, they are expected to drop back below freezing overnight into Thursday.

Jackson County Commissioner Dennis Karl said on Monday morning that they were headed out to sand bridges and overpasses in anticipation of freezing conditions and they are getting help from Texas Emergency Management.

The Jackson County Texas Emergency Management Facebook page said “our local TXDOT District will be proactive and they will start ‘pre-treating’ the bridges and overpasses on SH 59 in Jackson County in anticipation of wintery precipitation that is forecasted for our area beginning tomorrow afternoon and into Wednesday. The pretreatment is not sanding but rather using a bryne spray so that if warranted the sanding that will come later will adhere to the bridges and overpasses.”

The National Weather Service in Corpus Christi is predicting, for Jackson County,  a “glazing of ice, which will cause dangerous driving conditions on the roads.”

Jackson County Emergency Management site says, “Please, stay home if at all possible and off the roads. If you must get out, leave plenty of room between the car in front and behind you. If you start to slide, steer into the slide not against it, and tap your brakes lightly.”

Edna high school Cowgirls and Cowboys basketball games are rescheduled for Wednesday in Boling. Cowgirls begin at 6:15 with Cowboys to follow around 7:30.

  The Industrial Booster Club meeting scheduled for tonight has been rescheduled for Monday, Jan. 22 at 7 p.m.

Industrial Cobras boys and girls basketball games have been rescheduled for Wednesday, at home, girls at 5:30 and boys to follow. JV games will be moved to the junior high gym on Wednesday and will play simultaneously with varsity. Boys start at 5 p.m. with the girls’ game to follow.

The Flag City Opry has been cancelled for Tuesday.

We will try to keep you updated of any Jackson County road closures and school closings/late starts as they become available.

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