VOAD to hold hurricane preparedness class

    The Jackson County Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) will hold a hurricane preparedness class on Tuesday, June 7, from 1 to 2 p.m. in the Jackson County Services building.

    “VOAD provides a network based on coordination, communication, collaboration, and cooperation through which each organization can more effectively address their mission and service goals,” VOAD Chairperson Pastor Kelli Williamson said.

    The hurricane preparedness class will be a discussion on preparing for evacuation and storm safety. Guest speakers will be Dan Reilly, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service and Travis Herzog, a meteorologist for ABC in Houston. They will discuss the 2022 hurricane season forecast, preparations, and other hurricane related information, and how people who live in hurricane risk areas need to take steps to prepare. Attendees will receive Meals Ready to Eat, paper maps, and handouts.

    “Before a disaster occurs, we want to help prepare the county to lessen the impact of the disaster and recover from the disaster faster, Williamson said. “We seek to offer classes or events that help the community prepare for a variety of disasters. We also seek to build and maintain relationships with businesses, organizations, governments, and individuals which aids the community during disaster and the recovery process. Advanced planning is the best and safest thing to do to protect property, family, and pets.”

    The purpose of the Jackson County VOAD is to coordinate local voluntary organizations and unaffiliated individuals to provide assistance during times of disaster. Attending meetings is a great way to be prepared.

    “People who come to these classes or events will receive good information, preparation skills, and practical hands-on training so they can be better prepared and more able to manage through future disasters,” Williamson explained.

    The Jackson County VOAD board includes Williamson as the Chair, Lindsey Lee is Vice Chair, Cammie Pearson Treasurer, Tammy Atkinson is Secretary, Nick Strauss, Kim Ellen Peters, Cari Stancik, and Wesley Atkinson.  Judge Jill Sklar and Emergency Management Coordinator and Sheriff Kelly Janica are ex-officio board members.

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