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Two county bands to perform at state competition

By Millie Diaz

Staff Writer

Whether the theme is a sideshow circus or an alien invasion, Jackson County’s band competitions are no joke. School musicians work as hard as any student, athlete, cheerleader or dancer. Like all these activities, preparing for band competition for Industrial and Ganado has been about putting in the extra time, putting on an entertaining show, and helping each other musically.

Both schools have advanced to state competition in San Antonio starting Monday, Nov. 6, and both have put a dark spin to their programs. While Golden Cobra band director Houston Cummings said they have had some good and bad performances to get to the top level, the Spirit of the Tribe director Joe Barrow said it’s been a steady progression.

Golden Cobra Band

Cummings and Stacy Hudson, his assistant director, said they came up with the Cirque du Lune program in February of 2016.

Cirque du Lune is French for circus of the moon, and the three-ring show is meant to hypnotize the audience and grab hold of their attention and never let go.

Even though bands only get judged on marching and music presentation, the Industrial theater students became involved in the show too, with sideshow “freaks” such as a half man-half woman, a dancing fortune teller, and the tallest man in the world playing a trumpet. The show begins with two eighth grade Rattlers playing innocent children who enter a circus tent, complete with a lollipop and a pink dress.

“Most of the shows are happy and stay that way,” Cummings said. “But we wanted to add some edge and capture our audience by making it dark. The first movement is Step Right Up, the second is The Clowns, and the third is with a misfortune teller called the 3 Rings of Terror.”

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