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STOPit Ap Helps Report Bullying

By Millie Diaz

Staff Writer

Unfortunately, bullying and cyberbullying are topics all-too-familiar to students in schools. A bill passed on June 9, known as David’s Law, has required school districts to enforce a way to report bullying. By September all schools must introduce an opportunity for students to report without feeling singled out.

Industrial ISD is the first school district in Jackson County to handle the problem, with the app STOPit that was presented to the high school students during an assembly Sept. 18.

“Choosing to use STOPit was the best way for us to comply with the law,” Jim Green, Industrial principal said. “And the safest. Some students don’t feel comfortable talking to me or one of the officials, and this gives them a way to do that, and an easy way for us to follow-up on the reports.”

Made for Android and Iphone users, the STOPit app is a free, anonymous two-way system and it works in real-time, giving immediate attention to harmful or inappropriate situations.

“Phones and social media have given students an insular world teachers have no clue about,” Todd Schobel, STOPit founder, said. “The genius of STOPit is that it’s giving administrators a window into that world in a way they can intervene and protect at-risk children.”

The app is easy to use, and with only a few buttons to choose from the anonymous reports can contain text, photos, or video. School administrators receive a message instantly and can message back anonymously and/or manage the incident through a system called DOCUMENTit.



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