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Proposed redistricting plans for Jackson County

The public is invited to attend and participate

    The Jackson County Commissioners’ Court will meet on Monday morning, Nov. 15, to take possible action on what are currently proposed alternative redistricting plans for the four precincts under the four commissioners. The majority of the proposed changes will be in Edna, and have just become available to the public. Pictures of said plans are available on our Facebook page.

    The public is invited to attend Monday’s meeting and participate, if one so chooses. The meeting begins at 9 a.m. in the Jackson County Courtroom of the Jackson County Courthouse in Edna.

    Those wishing to address the court should sign a speaker’s request form provided at the meeting. Each speaker will be asked to come before court, identify themselves, provide their address, and inform the Commissioners Court of the Commissioners Court precinct and election precinct the speaker currently resides within. The court asks that comments be reasonably concise and to the point. Questions will be answered, but the Court will not permit argument or excessive discussion of any particular topic. The hearing will be conducted under rules of judicial decorum. A tape recording of the hearing will be made of the hearing. Comments will be transcribed and retained as a part of the permanent record of the proceeding.

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