Pets of the Week

Riley is an approximately 10 week old male Black Lab mix who was found in the 500 block of W. Main. Skeeter is a male Chihuahua who is yellow, super cute, but needs a home that can provide some TLC.

    Other Adoptable dogs: Babs is a female Chihuahua, brown with a little white who is about a year old, and has an old injury that seems to have caused a hind leg to heal incorrectly but she can still rule the roost on her three good legs. Delilah is a pretty young female Black Lab mix, who has a little white on her and is very energetic. Chap is an adult male Chihuahua who is white with some reddish brown patches, a little tan thrown in and is sweet and good with others     Stormy is an adult female Catahoula mix. She is a gorgeous mix of white, gray, and black, with blue eyes. She is capable of climbing so she needs a home that can deal with that. Crystal is an adult female Shepherd mix, gold in color with a black mask and points who has blue eyes.

    Spot is a young male Lab/Pointer/Great Pyrenees mix who is super sweet and good with others. Zeus and Banjo are young male Lab mixes, who are black with brown markings. Brodie is a young male mixed breed, brindle and white and is a little dominant with other dogs over food. Elisha is a young female mixed breed who is black and white,  has very high energy and would really like a country home.

    Remember you can go online to view pictures and more information on all our dogs!, City of Edna Animal Shelter.  To claim your dog, or ask about adopting, please call 361-782-5271.

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