One chicken left

By Chris Lundstrom


    “Sometimes you just have to work with the hand you’re dealt.”

    Devin and Dawson Kallus’s mom, Leslie, has the right attitude when it comes to raising fair animals. The twins, who are sophomores at Edna High School, have raised roasters for the last three years at the Jackson County Youth Fair.     This year, the boys have been dealt a bad hand. Four days after getting their fair chicks, a racoon got into the pen and killed all but four. By the end of the day, only one chick remained.

    “We had just bought a house and moved in, so the chickens were in a dog pen that were on the property,” Leslie said. It was made of chicken wire and didn’t have a roof.

    “When we went to the pen that morning it was a massacre,” Dawson said. “We cleaned it up and put the last chick in a dog crate.”

    It has been living there ever since.

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