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Her passion promises pets forever homes

By Millie Diaz


         It broke Amy Nowlin’s heart to see how full animal shelters became when news of the pandemic first seeped out. People were returning their pets for fear they carried COVID-19, only to turn around months later and rescue animals due to the need for companionship.     “The idea for my book happened during the craziest time of my life.  Between having to mandatorily close my business and facing the unknown, the news was affecting me too much,” she said. “So I pursued a way to teach the message that pets are forever, they are a promise.”

    So her first book, The Pet Promise, published by Friesen Press, sets out to share the various promises one makes when turning a cat, dog, hamster, lizard and parrot into a pet. Through her story, she hopes to ensure every pet is well-cared for and loved for throughout the course of its life.

    “No matter what’s happening, they are a long-term commitment,” she said.  “Too many pets get left behind in the wake of storms or abandoned for personal reasons.”

    And Nowlin knows what she’s talking about: the majority of her pets are rescues. Her husband Jeremy, and herself reside on a small ranch in LaWard amidst six dogs, four barn cats, and a horse named Spirit.

    She plans on donating a portion of her proceeds to pet shelters, and is looking locally where donations are in need.

    “I want to give back, that’s the intended purpose,” Nowlin said. “Having something published is credit enough, now I want to get the message out to help pets find forever homes.”

    Nowlin, the previous owner of Bliss Formals, now works for Calhoun County ISD as the wetlands specialist for the Formosa-Tejano wetlands, which is open to the public and used for field trips, grades fifth through ninth.

    “I’ve always loved the outdoors and wildlife,” she said about the wetlands. Nowlin added, “It's the perfect setting to teach the importance of ecology and learn from the environment that surrounds and sustains us.”

    The Pet Promise is meant for adults and children alike, and can be ordered on her website, amynowlin.com, or online through Friesen Press, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The ebook is also available through Kindle, Nook, iTunes, Kobo and GooglePlay.

    Nowlin will also be in attendance selling and signing her book at the Ganado Farmer’s Market on Saturday, Dec. 11.

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