Ganado to move to 3A-DII

The U.I.L. released the enrollment numbers for Texas high schools this morning and Ganado will move up from 2A-DI to 3A-DII.

Enrollment numbers for schools in 3A-DII are 225 to 334 students. Ganado's enrollment number was 227 students.

Industrial and Edna will both remain in 3A-DI. Schools in this classification had enrollment numbers between 335 and 504. Edna sits near the middle with 452 students and Industrial barely avoided dropping down, with 351 students enrolled.

There will be a district realignment before the start of the next school year as well. All other school in Ganado's district will remain 2A-DI schools. 

Of the schools in Edna and Industrial's district, only Van Vleck will drop from 3A-DI to 3A-DII.


Edit; A representive from the UIL said that these numbers are the preliminary numbers but they would not change when district relaignment is announced is February. The only way a school could change their classification is through an appeals process. For the appeal to be approved, the appealing school would have to get unanimous votes from all teams in the district it got moved into as well as unanimous votes from its previous district. Also, a school can only appeal to be moved up in classification, or moved to another district (due to very extenuating circumstances such as very exessive travel expenses), but never down a classification.

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