Free concert offered to everyone this Sunday

By Michael Brooks

Staff Writer

    Rick Price and the New Legacy Project will be performing free at The Ranch Cowboy Church on Sunday, November 7, at 7 p.m.

    The New Legacy Project is an acapella group who tour to various churches and give a testimonial as well as sharing humor between their musical sets.

    The Ranch Country Church will bring The New Legacy Project to Edna and for Pastor Lori Staples, it is a must-see show for everyone.

    “A couple of years ago a friend shared a video of the group singing acapella and they were amazing,” Staples said. “I thought they would be great at our church. We have several friends in bands who travel and tour and we love giving free concerts.

    “I said man, we have to get these guys here in Jackson County. We had them out a year ago on Halloween and they blew our minds, they were so good. When they were done, we booked them again immediately. We are super excited for them to be back.”

    Staples was so impressed with the singing, she believes they could be playing at a stadium, if they chose to.

    “They are all people you would pay good money to see in a stadium but they come here to our little church and they give a stadium concert,” Staples said.

    If the singing isn’t your cup of tea, the jokes and the testimonials may be.

    “In between songs they give testimonials,” Staples explained, “They also roast each other in a light-hearted way, they tell jokes, and they share what drew them to the Lord and what he has done in their lives. Luke joined the group at 16, and he is the most amazing concert pianist I have ever heard. He played a piece, and I don’t even think we breathed. Rick is one of the original Blackwood Brothers, a four-piece southern quartet. He is in the group and he owns the Blackwood Legacy and he brings in fresh talent.

    “This time there are a couple of new guys. Any of these guys could have a single career on their own but you bring them together. It surprises me it isn’t standing room only. We are so surprised to have them perform for us, they praise God and keep on going.”     The concert is free to anyone, but there is a request for a donation.

    “We have a ministry called The Pantry for clothing and food, including household furnishing,” Staples explained. “This time we are asking people to bring a new blanket. There are a lot of people that don’t have heat and we are fresh out of blankets in our pantry. Dollar Tree and Walmart sells them for a couple of dollars.”

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