Formosa Fire

From Formosa Plastic Corporation

At approximately 3:00 AM Friday, December 22, 2017, Formosa Plastics Corporation Texas
experienced a localized process upset in the Olefins I production unit.
The upset resulted in a large initial flame. The unit was immediately shut down, a section
alarm was sounded and the Formosa Emergency Response Team secured the incident location.
The affected area has been isolated and depressurized to both allow removal of hydrocarbon
inventory and to ensure that the affected area would not receive additional inventory.
There were no injuries associated with this incident. As a precautionary measure, Formosa
Plastics nonessential and contract personnel were notified to not report to work due to the
location of the incident and the staging of emergency response assets on nearby facility roads.

Jackson County Herald Tribune

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Edna, TX 77957