Edna students injured in Thursday afternoon wreck.

Edna seniors, and brothers, Dylan and Josh Yaws were involved in an accident on State Hwy 822 on Thurdays afternoon. Dylan was transported to Citizens Hospital in Victoria and Josh was Life Flighted to Herman Memorial Downtown Hospital in Houston.

Dylan was released a few hours later with what his father, Michael Yaws, describes as "minor bumps and bruises."

"They lost control on the S-curve on the bridge between FM 124 and FM 125 on SH 822," Chief Deputy Rick Boone said. "The bridge had been sanded from the freeze and that sand had accumulated on the edge of the road. When they went around the corner, they hit the sand and lost control. The vehicle ricocheted off posts on bost sides of the bridge and then went off the road and struck two trees."

Josh is headed to surgery right now.

 "Josh is having surgery this morning at 8:30 to repair his wrist," Michael Yaws said. "He has two broken bones in his back, lacerated kidney and liver. At this time they have him in a back brace to keep it immobile. "

"We just want to ask everyone to pray, please," Michael said.

Jackson County Herald Tribune

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